Our sticks are custom, built-to-order to meet your needs.  If you have specific needs (wood choice, design, colors, etc.), we’ll work with you to deliver exactly what you want.  Prices will vary, but you can get an idea of prices below.

Notes about the sticks:  All sticks are Japanese style, with Plexiglas top and bottoms, with threaded inserts for the feet.  Typically 12-15 coats of hand brushed oil-based varnish (Waterlox) or oil-based Polyurethane is used.  Sticks generally run from 2″  to 2.5″ in height, 9″ in width/depth, and 12″ to 14″ in length.

Price Ranges

  • Unfinished hardwoods for painting (poplar/maple) – ~$75
  • Finished domestic hardwoods (walnut/oak/etc.) – ~$100
  • Finished figured/exotic hardwoods (curly maple/padauk/purpleheart/zebrawood/etc.) – ~$125 – $175 depending on wood
  • Finished dyed figured hardwoods (curly maple, etc.) – ~$125 – $150
  • Complete sticks – ~($200+)

Please feel free to contact directly with any additional questions.